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Edward Van Dreal One
With over a hundred of the best drone pilots around the world listed and checked for quality our drone broker service is one of the best in the world. Your event deserves a drone pilot who is safety conscious and knows the laws regarding flight. Your idea or occasion requires a first class video or search drone that puts your best interest first. We can deliver class service and so much more. Our pilots are simply global class, and they have mastered difficult maneuvers with their drones. Flying a drone is not easy, and it is complicated by wind and elements. A pilot must be an expert with regards to camera shots and angles. Close-ups and wide shots when the project demands it. This is why our service is so important to you. We are the only drone referral company that has an accomplished lead drone pilot on our staff. Edward knows what it takes to fly an event, and he is a trained film and television production flyer. We do all the editing at our facility or in our mobile production truck. We edited the footage according to your specifications and deliver a broadcast quality product to you. Go to our service page and see how we can help you with your next wedding, event, search or crop, and cattle project.
Lead Drone Pilot Edward Van Dreal pictured with his first flying machine. His younger brother is the test pilot on the left, and we don't know who the kid is next to Edward with tongue out.
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This is our Promotional video. It is worth a look   A breath-taking look at the upper west side of the U.S. Pablo Drone's best work.   Cross Ministries, Groom, Texas drone fly over of a inspirational cross.
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